Friday, July 18, 2014

Zac Posen Resort 2015

Zac Posen Resort 2015 is nothing but his traditional and classy style in Zac Posen Style. He just continues to astound and amaze us with his fantastic fashion sense. The color palate was of greens, peach's and navy's with beautiful whites. Dresses with big, beautiful, flares, pleat's and soft cascading ruffles. Distinct streamlines, and everything cut to fit the woman's body. The fabrics were something else, luxurious metallic's, and rich solids. The model chosen for the shoot was Guineevere Van Seenus, she was just fresh, captivating and polished. All in all this line was flawless, Afer all It's Zac, Zac Posen. I have cropped images and made them optimized for Pinterest.
To see the full line visit That's the Haute Stream...

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