Thursday, September 4, 2014

TAREK SINNO Haute Couture for Spring/Summer 2014

S/S 14 Royal Tulip Collection, A little background on Tarek Sinno,born to be a man of the cloth. The heir to the Sinno family traditional textile dynasty, his formative years were spent romping through fabric filled family factories and shops between his home town of Beirut, and adopted one of Paris. His simple, refined embroidery, sumptuously spun, remains his trademark, positioning him as the industry's brightest rising talent, capturing the industry's attention, one stitch at a time. A Tarek Sinno Haute Couture creation does not simply adorn. It lavishes its opulence on your graceful, womanly curves, clearing a path of lustful admiration through the crowd with every step you take. So, with all the beutiful attebtion ti detail,launching his first atelier at the tender age of 20 every dress is stunning! After all it's Sinno, Tarek Sinno. I have cropped images and made the optimized for Pinterest.

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Thats's the Haute Stream...Enjoy & Have a good day girlies!

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