Thursday, October 16, 2014

Blumarine Spring 2015 RTW

RE-Post with better images, Blumarine's Spring line is nothing but effortless floral's and blooms!. With a beautiful color palate of greens and blush's to pink's the girls look lovely in just about every garment. Sheer, short and flirty are the description of the the dresses. A few long light and flowy gowns here and there, that are simply gorgeous. Blumarine, has really hit it out of the park this season. I can also see these dresses perfect for a bohemian spring wedding. Just loving how the embellished floral's on the dresses just have so much detail. It's truly a feminine collection. After all it's Blumarine. I have cropped images and made the optimized for Pinterest.

To View the collection go to Vogue
That's the Haute Stream...

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