Sunday, December 21, 2014

Zuhair Murad 2015 Fall Bridal

Zuhair Murad 2015 Fall Bridal Line is just a stunner! In true Murad Style Carried over into his bridal line, it does not disappoint! His style and slight bohemian flair with true elegance and finesse in a contemporary bridal line. The gowns have most flattering feminine and beautiful waistlines and necklines,using an elegant turtleneck, beautiful v-necks with lace, waists, that cascade in lace like it's sprinkling lace down the gowns, who would't want that? Skirts that end in puddles of lace, and veils that are exquisite.! After all it's Murad, Zuhair Murad. I have cropped images and made the optimized for Pinterest.

To view the full collection visit FASHIONISING
That's the Haute Stream...

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