Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fendi Pre-Fall 2015

Fendi Pre-Fall 2015 is a vibrant and stylish collection.! It's mix of color and texture along with pattern is makes for a cohesive and stunning line. What you'll see is a beautiful mix of jackets, skirts, dresses, and tops all to mix and match in blend of separates in an attractive and cohesive way. The line's color ranges from bright kelly green's and magenta's to soft shades of cream, pink and white. The whole line gives a youth-full feel, but is not limited to that of only a younger crowd, I'ts just about perfet for anyone, with leather jackets and dresses, jeans, three-quarter length coats and dresses, the versatility is not limited! After all it's Fendi! I have cropped images and made the optimized for Pinterest.
To see the collection go to VOGUE
That's the Haute Stream...

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