Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine’s Day Goodies

Tonight Sit Back with the one you love, or grab a group of friends and have a viewing party, to one of the Most Romantic Movies of All Time.., With a list like this to help you choose, you can't go wrong, just have a box of Kleenex on standby! You'll Need It!

Music is Powerful, and can sometimes tell someone how were feeling better than our words. Some romantic music of a few different playlist's that I found, all of them a little different in their own right's but all really some beautiful love song's to help set the mood for your Valentine's Day , I hope you enjoy these, everything ranging in these playlist's from the 60's to modern day!

30 songs to set the mood on Valentine's Day
 The One Above include Greats Like..John Legend, John Mayer, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Jason Marz, JAY Z and Many More..
Valentine's Day Playlist

This Above playlist includes includes, people as, Norah Jones, Jason Mraz, Dixie Chicks,  Foo Fighters,Dave Mathews Band, Modern English and Many More..

This playlist here includes, a you-tube playlist ready to play from greats such as Etta James,Paul McCartney,Otis Reading, The Beatles, and More!
Below, I have found, a really beautiful post, It consists of Simple Romantic to Elaborate dinner menu's and even Picnic's for Valentines including Menus for all! Even if you save it for next year, it's worth a look!

Romantic Dinner Recipes: the Perfect Candlelit Dinner

Now, If you ask me, Every Perfect Romantic Evening, requires a good drink!, I've found a few I'd like to share with you for today! Here we go ...

By Jamie Oliver we have Wicked Champagne Cocktail

By Matt Snapp we have a drink called "Room Service"

By InspiredbyCharm we a drink called "Sweetie Martini"

If You happen to need some quick and easy No-Bake Recipes for today, I think I have found a few that might help,  a few quick and easy cheesecakes and truffles that can ease your worries and be very impressive.! 
23 No-Bake Desserts That Want To Be Your Valentine

I wish Everyone, today and always, Love and Happiness. 
Have A Beautiful Day!
Happy Valentines!
That's The Haute Stream...

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